CWG WINCHES 900-56000kgCWG30375 (900kg), CWG30565 (1100-1360kg),
CWG30750 (2300kg, CWG31500 (3200kg),
CWG34000 (5600kg)
Rated on 3rd layer of rope 415v x 3ph AC
CWG Range WinchesWARNING These winches must not be used for the movement of personnel and 7 wraps of wire rope must be maintained on the drum.

WARRANTY Each new winch is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase. WIRE ROPES ARE NOT INCLUDED UNDER WARRANTY.
COMPLIANT WITH EN 14492-1 REGULATIONS • Electromagnetic, spring applied, failsafe brake Provides instant, safe braking • Bi-rotational CWG winches can be installed with wire rope
coming off the top or bottom of the drum
• Enclosed drum flangePrevents rope becoming trapped between
drum and support casing
• Low voltage control supplied as standard 24v AC, pre-wired to the winch with
2 button control and emergency stop
• Cast steel foot mounting For easy installation • Quiet running Conforms to noise pollution regulations • Motor to IP54 as standard Variants give options of line speeds and performance • 2 metre power lead Pre-wired to the winch with commercial type plug

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