FM•CONNECT NEW, Unique, FM Radio Control System

FM Connect FM•CONNECT a new, tough, reliable radio control system. Can be used with DC, AC (1PH and 3PH) and HYDRAULIC winches. The specially designed receiver and transmitter enclosures ensure all weather protection. CE marked for EU compliance to R and TTE 1999/5/EEC.
EXCEPTIONAL RELIABILITY • Reliable FM technology The latest technology by one of Europe's leading industrial radio control specialists. • Weatherproof The receiver and transmitter enclosures are custom made to provide protection to IP65. The Heavy Duty material used and its design prevents distortion from rapid climate changes ensuring maximum protection of electronic components. • Quick easy installation The receiver box is pre-wired with a 500mmtail terminating in a waterproof plug. The 3mharness provided is pre-wired with the mating plug so the job of installing or replacing the receiver is quick and easy. In the case of hydraulic winches the BHW Group can supply fully integrated electric pneumatic control valves and FM.Connect will come supplied pre-wired ready to install saving you time. • Transmitter flexibility Purpose made for toughness and ease of use,incorporating a bonded rubber surround for additional protection. Loss or damage to the remote control is easily remedied by simply recoding a replacement - should this become necessary.

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