POWER•WEDGE Double Folding Ramp System

Power Wedge Ramping System Plant Hire companies and those involved in moving Plant and machinery often require vehicles that will provide flexibility to ensure maximum vehicle utilisation with the least amount of effort and down time. Beavertail gradients must now be no more than around 10° for loading some equipment so they are long and not ideal for carrying other equipment such as site huts. The solution is POWER•WEDGE.
POWER•WEDGE RAMP SYSTEM INCLUDES • Hydraulic Rams-Nitrotec impregnated for protection
  against corrosion and chipping
• Controls for raising lowering and folding • Double acting over-centre valves for safety • System mechanism with all hinge points • Manual locking • Full fitting instructions • Optional - DC power pack • Optional - pneumatic locking with indicator light

FEATURES • Bodybuilder fabricates ramps to suit
  customers application
• Easy to use controls with each ramp operated
• Will function on uneven ground • Operators can obtain replacement parts
  quickly to minimise costly down time

POWER System uses the vehicles' hydraulic power if available. Alternatively an independent DC power pack can be supplied.

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