• AC2500a (1500 / 2500kg) 110v x 1ph
  • AC2500b (1500 / 2500kg) 240v x 1ph

CABLE•PULLER cable pulling winch is available as 110v or 240v options. The CABLE•PULLER provides the perfect solution to installing long or heavy lengths of cable in difficult locations. CABLE•PULLER takes the strain and makes the job easier. It reduces manpower hours required to meet installation deadlines, and is safer and faster. Suitable for continuous pulling to tackle the toughest pulling applications.

The unit is supplied with the options of either a foot or toggle switch. With both forward and reverse actions the CABLE•PULLER cable pulling winch is available with either a metal or standard brake cover.

Choose from a range of double braid (braid-on-braid) high tensile flexible ropes with minimal elongation. Fitted with double anchor points with ‘D’ shackles for  chains, strops or slings along with an additional 4 ground anchor points for bolting the unit to the floor.

See below for a full range of optional extras.

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  • Dual capstan heads
    Will haul up to 2500kg and 1500kg
  • Two speed options
    According to the capstan head selected
  • Easily transportable on site
    Using either the removeable wheels or carry handles
  • All round tubular frame
    Strong and makes it simple to hold by attaching restraining straps to the shackles provided or using ground stakes t.hrough the intergral side lugs
  • Foot controlled
    For efficient control – leaves the hands free for cable spooling
  • Cable storage reel
  • Case hardened gear train for maximum efficiency
  • High efficiency heavy-duty ball bearings on all running surfaces
  • Overload protection ensures automatic shut down
  • Electromagnetic spring-applied fail safe brake
  • Rugged high power induction motor to ensure reliability


Pulling Socks

CABLE-PULLER Pulling Socks

Pulling Socks

Cable Support Rollers – 21681

CABLE-PULLER Angle Corner Roller

Cable Roller Triple Corner – 16473

CABLE-PULLER Roller Triple Corner

Narrow Straight Line Cable Rollers – 21679

CABLE-PULLER Narrow Straight Line Cable Rollers

Manhole Roller – 21680

CABLE-PULLER Manhole Roller

Double Braid High Tensile Flexible Rope

CABLE-PULLER Braid-on-Braid Rope