800kg / 1600kg / 3200kg / 5400kg

Typical uses include Tensioning (Fencing), Vehicle Recovery, Vehicle Stabilisation (Rescue Services), Forestry & Land Management, Equipment Construction.

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  • Lightweight manual machines
    Simple and safe to operate – 4 models
  • Compact high-strength
    Corrosion free aluminium alloy housing
  • Steel version available on request
  • Useable at horizontal, vertical and angled working positions
  • Rope clamp system
    Easily disengaged, allowing for smooth installation of wire rope
  • Equipped with a double lock anchor pin
    Offers numerous connection possibilities with the use of a suitable strap, chain or shackle
  • Overload protection
    Built in with a shearing pin in the PULLING IN lever
  • 2 x spare shear pins
    Located in the yellow carry handle. Further replacements available from BHW Group
  • Secure wire rope feed
    Fed through two sets of wear resistant interlocking jaws by a single lever operation
  • Parallel clamping system
    With a large surface area, providing evenly distributed grip at a lower force, resulting in less rope wear
  • Individually serial numbered for traceability
  • Supplied with relevant CE certification


  • Wire ropes are sold separately, normally a 20m wire rope is available on all models as standard.
    Other rope lengths supplied as required. No maximum length.

Simple to use hand lever machines from 800kg to 5400kg working loads

 Suitable for lifting, pulling or tensioning, useable at horizontal, vertical and angled working positions.

High strength, compact machines suitable for virtually any angles, with a built in anchor pin.

Overload protected with calibrated shearing pin incorporated into PULLING IN lever. Spare pins also supplied.

A parallel clamping system ensures evenly distributed grip on the wire rope resulting in less machine stress and wire rope wear compared to lower specification competitor products.