Ramsey RPH53.3

5.4 Tonne Planetary Hydraulic Winch

This rugged machine is perfect when fast line speeds are required, designed to be either foot or side mounted. The perfect machine for heavy recovery and for front bumper mounting on high GVW 4×4 utility vehicles.

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  • 5436kgf line pull
    Rated line pull of 53.3kN on first layer
  • Fast recovery speeds
    Up to 14.5m per minute on 5th layer
  • Bi-rotational drum
    Clockwise and counter clockwise as required
  • Wedge pocket rope anchor on drum
    Safety benefit – prevents rope release from drum fixing
  • Heavy duty roller guide assembly
    With greaseways and large diameter rollers
  • Suitable for foot or side mounting
  • Dual braking system
    Mechanical brake and counterbalance valve
  • Weight only 131Kg
    171kg with wire rope, roller guides and mounting kit
  • After sales service
    Technical advice given on winch fitting and component replacement, plus efficient overnight parts despatch and fast repairs.


  • Air shift freespool clutch with remote activation and positive engagement indicator light.
  • Radio control system to give flexibility in operating the winch up to 40m distance.
  • Wire Rope – up to 50m x 12mm dia. (1960N/mm2 grade) fully galvanised flexible, crush resistant with heavy duty safety hook.
  • Heavy duty Electric / pneumatic control valve with manual lever, including 7m wanderlead control, heavy duty 16 amp socket, electrical control system with all wiring in Armaflex protection. Also includes dump valve with emergency stop button ensuring compliance with EU machinery directives.
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir tank with filter sight gauge and filler cap, PTO and pump.
  • Full or partial fitting can be provided, including load testing and certification.