• CH100 (100kg), CH200 (200kg)
  • CH300 (300kg), CH500 (470kg)
  • 240v x 1ph AC

Please contact us for specific applications, you can also download a PDF file, below.

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  • A choice of four hoists – 100kg, 200kg, 300kg or 470kg lifting capacity
    With different capacities for heights of lift Larger hoists for heavier duty can also be supplied
  • Operates on standard 240v 13amp supply
    The CH500 is 24v via a supplied transformer
  • Efficient load holding
    Dual braking – independent ratchet brake running in oil and electromagnetic motor brake
  • Lightweight and compact design
    Aluminium die-castings to save weight and the compact design enables installation in small areas
  • Available in different drum lengths
    To provide choice for wire rope length
  • Enclosed drum flange
    Prevents the wire rope becoming trapped between the drum and support casing
  • Smooth running gearbox
    Quiet and efficient spur gearbox


These hoists have been designed specifically to enable lifting and lowering of fixtures and fittings including lighting, for safe and easy access.

Built to the highest standards to ensure reliability and minimum maintenance, the hoists will safely and securely hold fixtures in place.

Available with spin resistant wire rope.

A double pulley system can enable repairs or maintenance without disconnecting power supply.

Can be calibrated to stop at full ceiling height and preferred lowered position.


  • Fully pre-wired control box
    For easy electrical installation – complete with contactors and numbered termination blocks
  • ‘Key only’ access control switch
    For additional security and safety
  • Single pulley – for hoist only applications
    When power is not connected, or fixture only requires wire rope
  • Rotational limit switch with upper and lower stop settings
    Calibrated by the installer to suit individual installation
  • Automatic power cable rewinder (if needed)
    Certified as suitable for the application (The kw rating and circuit details of the light fitting should be specified to BHW Group at the time of order)
  • Non rotating wire rope available to correct length
    This is calibrated by BHW Group to allow for winch requirements and the distance from floor to ceiling
  • Protection covers
    To protect the hoist, pulleys or cable rewinders from falling debris or dust