AC1000 Mk2 1000kg

AC1000 Mk2 Series Pulling Winch with FREESPOOL 110v or 240v x 1ph / 415v x 3ph AC

Typical uses include: Production line – Movement of loads; Servicing departments – Recovery of machinery for inspection; Installation – Positioning and movement of new equipment; Movement of rolling loads – including boats with trailers.

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  • Powerful series wound, high torque motor options
    A choice of 110v, 240v x 1ph or 415v x 3ph
  • Automatic fail safe electric brake on the end of the motor.
  • Low profile
    Allows winch to be installed in narrow spaces
  • Freespool clutch
    Enables easy unspooling of wire rope
  • Heavy duty mounting plate and roller guide
    For quick and simple installation
  • 2 metre pendant control
    Pre-wired to the winch with 2 buttons and emergency stop. Low voltage (24v) control supplied as standard on 3ph models
  • 2 metre power lead
    Pre-wired to the winch with commercial type plug
  • Wire rope positively secured to drum
    Using fixed plug and grub screw engagement


  • Wire rope
  • Roller guides
  • Mounting plate
  • Low voltage control (Standard on 415v x 3ph)
  • Radio remote control – via low voltage control
  • Weather proof enclosure
  • Skid frame


The harmonised European standard: EN14492-1 for power driven winches provide the means for conformity to essential Health and Safety requirements of the EN Machinery Directive.

BHW Group Limited products are fully compliant and carry a CE mark. A Declaration of Conformity is also supplied with each winch. BHW Group Limited aim to ensure the correct machine is supplied to suit the application and we welcome the opportunity of discussing the proposed application and offer advice. It will help us considerably if information regarding the maximum and average loads to be lifted or pulled – and approximate frequency of use can be provided.

An AC1000 Mk2 winch requires a safety factor of 3:1 and a wire rope to mean drum diameter* of not less than 12. The maximum length of wire rope on the drum is determined by the guideline that when all the rope is wound on, a distance of 1.5 x the wire rope diameter should be remaining from the top layer to the outer edge of the drum flange.

Winches with the potential to apply forces over 1000kg must be load limited to prevent them applying loads above the safe working capacity. Maximum wire rope length permissible on the drum must leave 1.5 x wire rope diameter from the top layer to drum flange.

The standard EN14492-1 considers all types of winches used for all applications and suggests guards are fitted if there is a chance an operator may become entangled.. It is also important for the safety and ease of operation for the user to clearly see the wire rope wrapping onto the drum to ensure serious bunching and resulting jamming does not occur.

In an application where hand tension is applied to the hook whilst the rope is being wound back on to the drum for storage there is a risk of the hand being pulled into the roller guide or drum. A short webbing strap should be used that is looped onto the hook to prevent the risk of this occurring.

* Mean drum diameter = the drum diameter plus the diameter of the wire rope. ** MBF = the Minimum Breaking Force of the wire rope.