Pullmaster R5

Fast, Extra Heavy Duty 5 Tonne Line Pull Planetary Hydraulic Winch

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  • 5000kgf line pull
    (BS7901 and DIN 15020 rating)
  • Fast line speeds
    Up to 11m/min on bare drum, 22m/min on full drum
  • Fail safe multi disc brake
    Enables winch to be used for lifting applications (Counter Balance Valve not required)
  • Manual freespool clutch
  • All seals in stainless steel sleeves
  • Designed to operate in marine environment
  • Rope capacity
    63m x 13mm diameter
  • Rope secured with anchor wedge


This machine is of the very highest quality, built to operate in a marine environment. Recommended for use when very long life and virtually no maintenance is required. Also designed for pulling and lifting, typical applications include Rescue, Military and Utility Vehicles.