Fulton K2550

K Series with Automatic Brake


  • Manual Hoists
  • Manual Lift Trucks
  • CCTV & Lighting Towers
  • Boat Lifts
  • Retractable Swing Keels
  • Trailer applications for Rolling Loads
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  • Designed for lifting and hoisting applications the self-activating automatic brake holds the load when the crank handle is released
  • Unlike competitive products, no minimum load is required to activate the brake or wind the cable off the drum
  • Brake design enables the load to be wound out under full control with the minimum of effort
  • Ideal for pulling a rolling load on an incline where there is concern of a runaway load during the descent
  • Designed for commercial use with heavy gauge material, wide gear contact and thick zinc plating
  • Large drum diameter providing minimum 10:1 wire rope to drum ratio allowing easier rope wrapping and extended rope life
  • Can be supplied modified for use with webbing strap
  • KX Series include plated gear cover for protection and a dual ratchet system for added security
  • Comfort grip handles


  • In lifting applications it is a legal requirement to use a wire rope with a minimum factor of safety of 5:1. The maximum diameter of the rope that can be used on each model is shown in the table above and is determined by the ratio of rope to drum diameter
  • Winch rating and maximum mechanical rating is based on the first layer of rope on the drum. The capacity reduces by approximately 10% for each extra layer of rope on the drum
  • K series winches do not include a freespool
  • The mechanical force required to achieve the Maximum rated line pull is approximately 18kg
  • Always select a winch model that will be operating well within its maximum capacity to ensure easy operation and safety
  • For maximum efficiency use only the amount of wire rope on the drum required for the application plus 2.5m
  • A minimum of 5 wraps of wire rope must be maintained on the drum at all times