Bushey Hall Winchmaster has been a major supplier to the plant industry for over 30 years. The range of commercial, hydraulic and electric winches is extensive and renowned for their application in this tough environment. PLANT•MASTER overcomes the problems associated with wire rope wrapping onto the drum on conventional front fitting applications and will also provide uninterrupted bed space on the vehicle body

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  • Excellent wire rope wrapping to give longer rope life
  • Winch not exposed to equipment being loaded
  • Uninterrupted body floor area, allowing cabins etc., to be carried
  • Wire rope line pull can be in any direction – unnecessary to have centre pull onto load
  • Winch choice from 3.6 tonne to 9 tonne capacity
  • System developed primarily for use with hydraulic winches, but electric machines can be utilised
  • System supplied complete, ready for installation including electric control valve with wanderlead control


The PLANT•MASTER system can be provided to suit any class of vehicle and includes all components required for specific applications.