Ramsey DC200-DCY200

Now replaced by the DC34.9, Ramsey’s heaviest DC series electric winches have been designed to take on the very toughest recovery and plant loading work. With a reputation for giving long life and complete reliability, everything about these rugged machines is of the highest quality – from phosphor bronze wheels and needle roller bearings in the gear box, to the heavy duty roller guides. The standard drum model (DC200) will hold up to 40m x 10mm wire rope, enabling a snatch block to be used, even on semi-trailer applications.

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  • 3.6 tonne line pull
    Stall rating approximately 6 tonne (BS7901 and DIN 15020 rating 32kN)
  • Worm and wheel drive
    Holds load safely without relying on a separate internal brake
  • RAM-LOK freespool clutch mechanism
    Spring loaded for positive engagement
  • Heavy duty series wound motor
    12v and 24v models available
  • Power in/power out
    Fine control ensures load will not overrun
  • Low mount feature
    Design allows for low level floor mounting, therefore less vulnerable to damage from equipment being loaded
  • Heavy duty wanderlead control
    Industrial quality two-button control switch for heavy duty work
  • Low amperage draw
    Practical and obtainable at rated line pull
  • 12 months warranty
    On parts and service (excluding wire rope)
  • Fitting service
    Full or partial fitting can be provided, including load testing and certification
  • After sales service
    Technical advice given on winch fitting and component replacement, plus efficient overnight parts despatch and fast repairs. Factory winch installation available


Electric Winch, 4.5m heavy duty 2-button wanderlead control, mounting angles, industrial guide rollers with greaseways, galvanised wire rope with safety latch hook (maximum capacity 40m x 10mm dia). Individual kit components can be supplied as required.

Total kit weight 70kg.


  • Load limiting switch providing automatic cut-out when the safe working load is exceeded
  • Electric isolator switch
  • Snatch Block
  • Auxiliary industrial 16 amp kit for wanderlead connection
  • Radio Control Unit